Utah Car Insurance

Motorists in UT, since it is a no-fault state, are required to carry both liability insurance and PIP. Each driver must possess a minimum of $25,000 per person/$65,000 per accident in bodily injury liability; $15,000 per accident in property damage coverage and $3,000 per person in personal injury protection.

Motorists in UT, since it is a no-fault state, are required to carry both liability insurance and PIP. Each driver must possess a minimum of $25,000 per person/$65,000 per accident in bodily injury liability; $15,000 per accident in property damage coverage; $3,000 per person in personal injury protection.

Do you live in Salt Lake City or Provo and in the market for a new car insurance policy? Maybe you have a home in St George and your existing policy is about to expire and it is time to renew. Or maybe you own a small business in Logan and you thinking about purchasing a service vehicle. If you are like the most of folks out there, you will probably not even think about making any changes to your current Utah car insurance company. You will probably choose to remain with your current company because you don’t like change and, after all, you’ve been with them for ten years — maybe longer. But is that using good business sense?

It is rather perplexing the way many people go out of their way searching for the best price for a new car, spend the necessary time to shop for the best interest rates when it comes to financing that car, and then give very little consideration to shopping for the best insurance.

When it comes to any consumer goods, including car insurance, it just makes good sense to spend the necessary time comparing companies. Some people will tell you all insurance companies will charge the same — but that is not true. When you put forth the necessary effort to shop around you will find insurance premiums differ substantially.

According to Insure.com who looked at the different annual average car insurance premiums of each of the 51 states, Utah ranked #40. The national average being $1,311, Utah had a mean of $1,059.

Here are a few tips others have used to help locate the best coverage for the least money.

Contact multiple agencies. When shopping for Utah car insurance coverage the first step is to call a number of agencies and provide the same details to each of them. The next step is to ask for quotes. Find out about the different discounts each of these companies offer. You may be surprised at the multiple ways you can qualify for reduced premiums. Things like being a veteran, having an accident free driving record, being a senior citizen, being a student with good grades, owning your own home, etc.

Ask for discounted rates. Many Utah car insurance agencies will also be able to tell you how you can earn additional discounts by having a car with certain safety features. Routine equipment such as air bags and anti-lock brakes may provide big discounts. A good agent will tell you about these, but be sure to ask for all the many ways you can qualify for discounts. Often combining these discounts will save you hundreds of dollars over the life of your policy.

What is the value of the vehicle you are insuring? How old is it? Should you buy collision or comprehensive insurance that may cost you an additional $40 or $50 a month? This is a question each individual must answer for themselves. It is fairly common for monthly premiums to increase between 35% to 50% when you add on comprehensive and collision coverage.

Find the right deductible for your specific needs. Deciding what is the right deductible for both your budget and your car is also important. The deductible is the amount of money you must first pay before the insurance settles the claim. Obviously, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium.

Shopping for vehicle insurance in the State of Utah, or any other state for that matter, may end up rather challenging. That is why it is so important to do your homework. If you put in the required due diligence, you will be able to find the best coverage for the lowest price.

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InsuranceClarkston, UT Auto InsuranceClawson, UT Auto InsuranceClearfield, UT Auto InsuranceCleveland, UT Auto InsuranceCoalville, UT Auto InsuranceCollinston, UT Auto InsuranceCorinne, UT Auto InsuranceCornish, UT Auto InsuranceCroydon, UT Auto InsuranceDammeron Valley, UT Auto InsuranceDelta, UT Auto InsuranceDeweyville, UT Auto InsuranceDraper, UT Auto InsuranceDuchesne, UT Auto InsuranceDuck Creek Village, UT Auto InsuranceDugway, UT Auto InsuranceDutch John, UT Auto InsuranceEast Carbon, UT Auto InsuranceEcho, UT Auto InsuranceEden, UT Auto InsuranceElberta, UT Auto InsuranceElmo, UT Auto InsuranceElsinore, UT Auto InsuranceEmery, UT Auto InsuranceEnterprise, UT Auto InsuranceEphraim, UT Auto InsuranceEscalante, UT Auto InsuranceEureka, UT Auto InsuranceFairview, UT Auto InsuranceFarmington, UT Auto InsuranceFayette, UT Auto InsuranceFerron, UT Auto InsuranceFielding, UT Auto InsuranceFillmore, UT Auto InsuranceFort Duchesne, UT Auto InsuranceFountain Green, UT Auto InsuranceFruitland, UT Auto InsuranceGarden City, UT Auto InsuranceGarland, UT Auto InsuranceGarrison, UT Auto InsuranceGlendale, UT Auto InsuranceGlenwood, UT Auto InsuranceGoshen, UT Auto InsuranceGrantsville, UT Auto InsuranceGreen River, UT Auto InsuranceGreenville, UT Auto InsuranceGreenwich, UT Auto InsuranceGrouse Creek, UT Auto InsuranceGunlock, UT Auto InsuranceGunnison, UT Auto InsuranceGusher, UT Auto InsuranceHanksville, UT Auto InsuranceHanna, UT Auto InsuranceHatch, UT Auto InsuranceHeber City, UT Auto InsuranceHelper, UT Auto InsuranceHenefer, UT Auto InsuranceHenrieville, UT Auto InsuranceHiawatha, UT Auto InsuranceHildale, UT Auto InsuranceHill Afb, UT Auto InsuranceHinckley, UT Auto InsuranceHolden, UT Auto InsuranceHoneyville, UT Auto InsuranceHooper, UT Auto InsuranceHowell, UT Auto InsuranceHuntington, UT Auto InsuranceHuntsville, UT Auto InsuranceHurricane, UT Auto InsuranceHyde Park, UT Auto InsuranceHyrum, UT Auto InsuranceIbapah, UT Auto InsuranceIvins, UT Auto InsuranceJensen, UT Auto InsuranceJoseph, UT Auto InsuranceJunction, UT Auto InsuranceKamas, UT Auto InsuranceKanab, UT Auto InsuranceKanarraville, UT Auto InsuranceKanosh, UT Auto InsuranceKaysville, UT Auto InsuranceKenilworth, UT Auto InsuranceKingston, UT Auto InsuranceKoosharem, UT Auto InsuranceLa Sal, UT Auto InsuranceLa Verkin, UT Auto InsuranceLake Powell, UT Auto InsuranceLaketown, UT Auto InsuranceLapoint, UT Auto InsuranceLayton, UT Auto InsuranceLeamington, UT Auto InsuranceLeeds, UT Auto InsuranceLehi, UT Auto InsuranceLevan, UT Auto InsuranceLewiston, UT Auto InsuranceLindon, UT Auto InsuranceLoa, UT Auto InsuranceLogan, UT Auto InsuranceLyman, UT Auto InsuranceLynndyl, UT Auto InsuranceMagna, UT Auto InsuranceManila, UT Auto InsuranceManti, UT Auto InsuranceMantua, UT Auto InsuranceMapleton, UT Auto InsuranceMarysvale, UT Auto InsuranceMayfield, UT Auto InsuranceMeadow, UT Auto InsuranceMendon, UT Auto InsuranceMexican Hat, UT Auto InsuranceMidvale, UT Auto InsuranceMidway, UT Auto InsuranceMilford, UT Auto InsuranceMillville, UT Auto InsuranceMinersville, UT Auto InsuranceMoab, UT Auto InsuranceModena, UT Auto InsuranceMona, UT Auto InsuranceMonroe, UT Auto InsuranceMontezuma Creek, UT Auto InsuranceMonticello, UT Auto InsuranceMonument Valley, UT Auto InsuranceMorgan, UT Auto InsuranceMoroni, UT Auto InsuranceMount Carmel, UT Auto InsuranceMount Pleasant, UT Auto InsuranceMountain Home, UT Auto InsuranceMyton, UT Auto InsuranceNeola, UT Auto InsuranceNephi, UT Auto InsuranceNew Harmony, UT Auto InsuranceNewcastle, UT Auto InsuranceNewton, UT Auto InsuranceNorth Salt Lake, UT Auto InsuranceOak City, UT Auto InsuranceOakley, UT Auto InsuranceOasis, UT Auto InsuranceOgden, UT Auto InsuranceOrangeville, UT Auto InsuranceOrderville, UT Auto InsuranceOrem, UT Auto InsurancePanguitch, UT Auto InsuranceParadise, UT Auto InsuranceParagonah, UT Auto InsurancePark City, UT Auto InsurancePark Valley, UT Auto InsuranceParowan, UT Auto InsurancePayson, UT Auto InsurancePeoa, UT Auto InsurancePine Valley, UT Auto InsurancePleasant Grove, UT Auto InsurancePlymouth, UT Auto InsurancePortage, UT Auto InsurancePrice, UT Auto InsuranceProvidence, UT Auto InsuranceProvo, UT Auto InsuranceRandlett, UT Auto InsuranceRandolph, UT Auto InsuranceRedmond, UT Auto InsuranceRichfield, UT Auto InsuranceRichmond, UT Auto InsuranceRiverside, UT Auto InsuranceRiverton, UT Auto InsuranceRockville, UT Auto InsuranceRoosevelt, UT Auto InsuranceRoy, UT Auto InsuranceRush Valley, UT Auto InsuranceSaint George, UT Auto InsuranceSalem, UT Auto InsuranceSalina, UT Auto InsuranceSalt Lake City, UT Auto InsuranceSandy, UT Auto InsuranceSanta Clara, UT Auto InsuranceSantaquin, UT Auto InsuranceScipio, UT Auto InsuranceSevier, UT Auto InsuranceSigurd, UT Auto InsuranceSmithfield, UT Auto InsuranceSnowville, UT Auto InsuranceSouth Jordan, UT Auto InsuranceSpanish Fork, UT Auto InsuranceSpring City, UT Auto InsuranceSpringdale, UT Auto InsuranceSpringville, UT Auto InsuranceSterling, UT Auto InsuranceStockton, UT Auto InsuranceSummit, UT Auto InsuranceSunnyside, UT Auto InsuranceSyracuse, UT Auto InsuranceTabiona, UT Auto InsuranceTalmage, UT Auto InsuranceTeasdale, UT Auto InsuranceThompson, UT Auto InsuranceTooele, UT Auto InsuranceToquerville, UT Auto InsuranceTorrey, UT Auto InsuranceTremonton, UT Auto InsuranceTrenton, UT Auto InsuranceTridell, UT Auto InsuranceTropic, UT Auto InsuranceVernal, UT Auto InsuranceVernon, UT Auto InsuranceVeyo, UT Auto InsuranceVirgin, UT Auto InsuranceWales, UT Auto InsuranceWallsburg, UT Auto InsuranceWashington, UT Auto InsuranceWellington, UT Auto InsuranceWellsville, UT Auto InsuranceWendover, UT Auto InsuranceWest Jordan, UT Auto InsuranceWhiterocks, UT Auto InsuranceWillard, UT Auto InsuranceWoodruff, UT Auto InsuranceWoods Cross, UT Auto Insurance