Colorado Car Insurance

The state of Colorado mandates that every driver carry car insurance with a minimum of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability of at least $15,000 per accident.

The state of Colorado mandates that every driver carry car insurance with a minimum of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability of at least $15,000 per accident.

Colorado Car Insurance is required on each and every vehicle. All drivers must have it and it is enforced by the department of regulatory agencies in the state of Colorado. Up until the year 2003, Colorado was a ‘no fault’ state. In 2003, the state of Colorado changed this law to help reduce the expense of insurance premiums and to help reduce claim abuses.

In the state of Colorado car insurance is now operated in a tort system. This means that before an insurance company will pay a claim, the fault must be established.

All drivers in the state of Colorado must have liability insurance. It should cover the other car and driver if a wreck is your fault. Any other form of car insurance is completely optional.

Many people add in collision coverage. This helps to cover any damages to their car that are caused should they hit an object or another car.

Comprehensive coverage will cover any damages to their car that are caused by anything termed non accident. This could include extreme weather, wildlife and theft.

Additionally, people can have medical payment or med pay coverage. This is always offered as a part of any insurance policy in the state of Colorado. It is offered in increments beginning at $1,000 and upward. There is also the option to opt out of this sort of insurance as well.

Uninsured motorist coverage will help to cover any costs should you be in a wreck and the other driver does not have insurance.

Colorado is ranked #26 out of 51 states, by, for annual average car insurance premiums. Colorado’s yearly rate is $1,245 which is close to the national average of $1,311.

If you are leasing your car you’re going to be required to have proof of insurance and you’ll also need to have the comprehensive and the collision added into your policy. This is required on any leased or financed vehicle.

In order to renew the registration of your car, you’ll have to have proof of insurance with you. This proof can be a copy of the car insurance policy, It can also be an image on your cell phone or a document proving that you have car insurance.

If you fail to register your vehicle, you can be faced with some severe penalties and fines. There are a variety of penalties that Colorado uses for these cases.

First offense will be a license suspension until you are able to prove that you have car insurance.

After this you could have your license suspended for up to 8 months. You don’t want to risk these fines as you are likely to have higher rates after this. If you reapply for car insurance after allowing your policy to lapse they can really raise the rates so always ensure that your car insurance stays in effect.

There are a variety of ways to keep costs down and if you’re worried about high premiums you can take safety courses and choose a vehicle that won’t be quite so costly to insure. Colorado car insurance requirements are pretty standard when compared to other states and their car insurance requirements.

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