Auto Insurance Comparison

imgCompare Online Before Buying a Policy. Back in the old days, you had to call an agent if you wanted insurance quotes. If you wanted to compare rates of multiple companies, you had to call several agents. Due to this very time-consuming, complicated, and tedious process, most people are discouraged to look for better deals. Fortunately, spending hours upon hours talking to agents and giving detailed information to each one is a thing of the past! Today, there is a much better way to get an auto insurance price comparison of multiple insurers. CarInsuranceMinimizer Comparison Quotes Tool is FREE and you only have to enter your info ONCE. Then the magic happens! Our system will use this information to find competitive local companies that are eager to compete for your business.

imgdrivingIs It Worth It To Perform a Car Insurance Comparison Online? It takes about five minutes to complete the form. In return, you will get the most competitive quotes in your area and SAVE big time. It is a misconception to think that all auto insurance companies are alike. Just like each driver has their own unique needs, insurers offer different discounts and have different rate charts. While one company may be cheaper for your coworker or cousin, another might be cheaper for you! Your own rates will get determined by your personal driving record, the type of car you own, and many other factors.

helpCan You Still Get Help Buying Insurance Online? The biggest argument against online quotes comparison tools is the concern over needing help to choose the right type of insurance. This is valid because you might not know if you should pick only liability insurance, or if you should also have comprehensive and collision insurance. You also might have questions about the policy deductible and other options that you can select. However, when you get your online price estimates, you get access to the phone numbers or email addresses of the local and national agents/representatives of the listed insurance companies. You always have the option (and it is recommended) to contact them before you buy a policy. The quote forms do not require you to buy anything, and they are totally free to use. You are free to do auto insurance comparison at your convenience, buy new insurance, or even keep your old policy. In some cases, your old policy might be the best deal. In other cases, these free quote forms might uncover lower premiums.

timeandmoneyWhy Not Compare Rates Right Away? It doesn’t take long to get car insurance quotes from a variety of different companies, and you could save hundreds of dollars a year on your auto insurance rates. In some cases, you might not find that you can save a lot of money, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you already have a good deal.

carinsurance-info-headerHow To Get Cheaper Car Insurance Rates
Vehicle insurance is one of those necessary expenses that comes along with owning a car. Just because you are required to have insurance, however, doesn’t mean that you have to pay a fortune for it. There are plenty of ways that you can shave money off of your monthly car insurance bill.These simple tips should help you find lower auto insurance rates. By checking for discounts, comparing prices, taking an approved driving class, choosing a modest vehicle and improving your credit score, you can save hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance.Here are some simple techniques you can use to get lower automobile insurance rates: Show All the Tips

  1. Shop around. Chances are you already know this, but comparing prices between vehicle insurance companies can wind up saving you a lot of money. Premiums can often vary by hundreds of dollars a year, making this one of the most dramatic ways to save. When comparing policies from different companies always make sure that the level of coverage is the same. A lower price on insurance won’t matter much if you are left with gaps in your coverage. However, as long as you are comparing apples to apples in terms of coverage, you should be fine going with the company that offers the lowest price for insurance.
  2. Take a driving class. As strange as it may sound, you may benefit from taking a driving class. Some insurance companies offer discounts for customers to sign up for approved driving courses. Oftentimes these classes focus on safety and are designed to make you a better driver. Check with your insurance company to see if there are any classes in your area that you could take that may help you get a lower rate.
  3. Check for discounts. Most insurance companies offer discounts for everything from having a good driving record to getting good grades in school. Find out what discounts are available from your insurance company to see if there are any that you may qualify for. Oftentimes finding a few discounts can dramatically reduce your overall vehicle insurance payment.
  4. Choose the right vehicle. Certain vehicles are more expensive to insure than others. For instance, a sports car generally costs more to insure than a family sedan. Choosing a car that is less expensive to insure may not give you the same flashy look as you drive down the road, but it can save you hundreds of dollars on insurance.
  5. Improve your credit. Insurance companies view drivers with bad credit as being higher risk. As a result, they charge them higher prices on their car insurance. Although it seems strange, improving your credit score can actually decrease the amount of money you have to pay each month for insurance. Get a copy of your credit report and make sure everything is accurate on it. If not, file disputes with the major credit bureaus to get everything cleaned up and to raise your score as high as possible.

Check out our latest infographic and learn 7 best ways to lower your premium and get affordable vehicle insurance quotes.

save-on-car-insuranceThe Top Factors Affecting Auto Insurance Quotes
Even if we are happy with our car insurance coverage, it is a good idea to shop around occasionally to see if we can get a better deal on price or coverage. On average, between 15 and 25 percent of people shop for new auto insurance annually. Most insurance companies report customer retention rate in the upper 90th percentile. Show All the Factors

Drivers may be paying too much for their motor vehicle insurance. There are several factors affecting car insurance premiums. These include:

  1. The type of insurance and the coverage needed. Even though it may be boring to shop for car insurance online, it is the single best way to lower your premium. Since insurers use different factors and formulas to rate risk, prices can vary a great deal between companies. With all these price differences, it helps to use your computer to sort through and identify all the best policies and quotes based on your personal needs. It is a good idea to do an online comparison at least once a year. The best time is right before your current insurance renews. Another good time is when a driver falls off your policy or if a ticket or accident is removed. You may also want to shop around for new insurance if you move, get married or add a driver.
  2. Today, almost all insurance companies use your credit score to help determine your premium. The only states where this practice is not allowed is California, Massachusetts or Hawaii.
  3. Age and birth date are also important factors in determining your insurance premium. If you are younger or older than the average driver, your insurance rates may be more expensive.
  4. Marital status is another factor insurance companies use to determine your insurance premiums. If you are married, insurance companies consider you less of a risk than if you are single. There are even situations where an insurance company will lower a customer’s premium even if they are under age 25 as long as they are married.
  5. Vehicle type is a big factor in the amount of your insurance premium. If your vehicle is more likely to be stolen or if you use it in any type of commercial practice, your insurance company will factor in this information and it may result in a higher premium.
  6. The number and age of the licensed drivers can also impact the cost of your insurance premiums. It is important to tell your insurance company about all the licensed drivers in your household, even if they do not drive your vehicle. This is because the insurance company may deny a claim if someone not listed is in an accident while driving your car. As soon as a teen in the family gets their license, they should be added to the policy.
  7. The driving records of these drivers is also an important factor to insurance companies. If you or anyone driving your vehicles has a record with tickets or accidents, it can significantly raise your rates.

These are the primary factors affecting auto insurance prices. There may be others depending upon the insurance company, but knowing and understanding these will help you get started on finding the best insurance coverage at the best price.